Unspoiled natural wonders and beautiful people

Situated in the central part of Romania, Transylvania, “the land beyond the forest, is a region well-known for the beauty and the peacefulness of the Carpathians and for its rich history. And we really believe that here, more than in any other place, you can find and feel the true spirit of Romanian people.

The timeless unspoiled nature coupled with beautifully preserved centuries old architecture and a lively contemporary cultural scene, with so many festivals and events, promise rewarding memories for anyone who wishes to explore it.

Tourist attractions:

  • Bran Castle – also known as Dracula’s Castle
  • The medieval cities of Alba Iulia, Cluj, Sibiu (European Capital of Culture in 2007), Targu Mures and Sighisoara (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • The city of Brasov and the nearby Poiana Brasov ski resort
  • The city of Hunedoara with the 14th century Hunyadi Castle
  • The citadel and the Art Nouveau city centre of Oradea
  • The Densus Church, the oldest church in Romania in which services are still officiated
  • The Dacian Fortress of the Orastie Mountains, including Sarmizegetusa Regio (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • The Roman Forts including Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana, Porolissum, Apulum, Potaissa and Drobeta
  • The Maramures region
  • The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta (the only of that kind in the world)
  • The Wooden Churches (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • The cities of Baia Mare and Sighetu Marmatiei
  • The villages in the Iza, Mara, and Viseu valleys
  • The Saxons fortified churches (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Romanian traditions and folk culture,
  • Astra National Museum Complex, Sibiu
  • The cafe culture,street theatre and cosmopolitan society of Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj and Timisoara
  • The Apuseni Mountains: ⦁ Tara Motilor ⦁ The Bears Cave ⦁ Scarisoara Ice Cave, in Alba County, the third largest glacier cave in the world The Rodna Mountains